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If you or someone you love has been charged with property offences in Brampton, you need to speak with our dedicated criminal defence lawyer at the law office of Edmond O. Brown, B.A., LL.B. Barrister & Solicitor. A property offence involves the destruction or theft of another person’s belongings. We understand that every case is unique so that we tailor a strategy that addresses the specific requirements of your case. We represent clients in various types of cases, including those accused of:


An individual commits robbery when he/she steals, and for the purpose of extortion, uses threats or violence to a person or property. Robbery is also performed by assaulting any person with the intention to steal from him. Additionally, anyone who steals from a person while armed with a weapon is deemed to have committed this offence.

Break and Enter

The charge of break and enter can be anyone who breaks and enters a place with the intention of committing an indictable offence. One of the most typical forms of break and enter is trespassing on a commercial or private property in order to steal belongings. The accused person is liable to imprisonment for life if the offence is committed in relation to an occupied house. If it is other than a dwelling house, the offender may receive imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years.

Possession of Break and Enter Instruments

Without any lawful excuses, if a person has in their possession an instrument suitable for the purpose of breaking and entering into any dwelling, vault, or safe is guilty and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years.

Possession of    Stolen Property

Anyone who possesses stolen property or otherwise obtained through a criminal act  is found to be guilty and liable to criminal charges. In order for you to be convicted of possession, the prosecutor will need to prove that you were in possession of the property and it was obtained through crime.


Theft takes place when someone takes possession of something fraudulently or otherwise without “colour of right”, with the intent to deprive an individual permanently or temporarily of that good. To convert something or take possession means that you acquired someone else’s property, and then transformed it into another good for your own benefit. The penalty for theft depends heavily on the circumstances of your offence.


It is one of the common criminal offences in Canada; damaging property that the accused does not solely own. Individuals who cause actual danger to life are found to be guilty under criminal charges of mischief and are liable to imprisonment of life.

Identity Theft

Any individual who knowingly obtains identity information of another person is found to be guilty under identity theft. The information can be further used to commit fraud or falsehood as a part of the offence. The convicted person is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 5 years.

Theft and Forgery of a Credit Card

It is the general term used to describe the usage of credit cards to fraudulently acquire possessions on legal tenders or goods. A person who steals, forges or traffics using a credit card, knowing that is was altered or it has been cancelled, is found guilty under theft and forgery of credit card offences. These charges can be found in Part IX of the Criminal Code relating to “offences against rights of property”.


Fraud charges are referred to as wrongful deception that results in personal or financial gain for the perpetrator. Any person who uses falsehood or other fraudulent means to defraud the public or another person, of their property, money, or any valuable service is found guilty under fraud charges and is liable to a term of imprisonment. It includes various charges such as credit card fraud, debit card fraud, and other cases involving financial and legal documents.

Transportation Fraud

A person who unlawfully obtains transportation by land, water, or air is found to be guilty under transportation fraud charges. It is a criminal offence to obtain transportation in a fraudulent way. The offence carries a maximum penalty of up to 6 months of imprisonment and a criminal record.

Possession of Stolen Property for the Purpose of Trafficking

Any individual who is charged with possession of stolen property for the purpose of trafficking is alleged to have come under the possession of stolen goods, while they have obtained the possession by crime, by either theft or fraud. The offence carries a penalty of up to 10 years of imprisonment and the value of the subject matter of the offence.

If you face any charges of robbery or fraud or other property offences in Brampton, call our law office today for a free legal consultation.

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